About Us

Board of Directors

Glen Schrieber, VP | Scott Moffatt, VP | Ed Brown, Treasurer

Melissa Strickland, Secretary & Co-Founder | Ray Strickland, President and Co-Founder


Activate Christ-centered students to make disciples and achieve workplace readiness.



We believe if you segregate you negate. Complacency is the enemy and the best way to make disciples is by integrating faith and work. We believe college students are the future leaders of the world and that the Church integrating faith and work is God's plan to change the world.


"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men," - Colossians 3:23 



We are a caring community passionate about developing college students into Christ-centered leaders the world needs and companies want most.



Transform college students into Christ-centered leaders.



Invite the world to Christ in this generation by making more Christ-centered leaders.



  • Live in an abiding love relationship with Jesus powered by the Holy Spirit

  • Live by faith before the work, work by faith to sustain the work

  • Partnerships that advance God’s kingdom

  • Creative solutions that provide fruitful results



Invite students to Christ and to the mission

Invest in students professionally and spiritually

Integrate students into partner companies and churches



February 14, 2014