Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get course credit?

  • Yes



What types of internships are offered?

  • Most common interships are finance, accounting, marketing, logistics, management, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, graphic design, social media, video, communcations, computers, software, technology and construction.



Are internships paid?

  • Most internships are paid depending on the hiring partner.



When do internships start?

  • Fall, spring and summer cohorts start year round.



How is the Enhanced Internship different than a traditional internship?

  • The enhanced internship adds a spiritual, professional and missional component with focus on going deeper in your calling.



How soon should I begin applying?



What is the time commitment per week?

  • Typical internships with hiring partners are 10-20 hours per week with an addtional 3-4 a week for the spiritual, professional and missional component of the internship through CoPassion.



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