Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get course credit?

  • Yes



What types of internships are offered?

  • Most common interships are finance, accounting, marketing, logistics, management, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, graphic design, social media, video, communcations, computers, software, technology and construction.



Are internships paid?

  • Most internships are paid depending on the hiring partner.



When do internships start?

  • Fall, spring and summer cohorts start year round.



How is the Enhanced Internship different than a traditional internship?

  • The enhanced internship adds a spiritual and missional component with focus on going deeper in your calling.



What does spiritual growth look like?

  • We dig into God's Word for bible study and personal application, share praises, prayer requests and pray for one another. We encourage each other to rely on God's Spirit for power to live the Christian life and we equip participants to share the hope they have with their connections. We use a variety of proven discipleship materials that our coaches may choose to incorporate during the internship journey. Check out our Statement of Faith for more.



How soon should I begin applying?



What is the time commitment per week?

  • Typical internships with hiring partners are 10-20 hours per week. Weekly fellowship meetings and weekly assignments add up to be less than 2 hrs a week on average.



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