Hire Interns for a Higher Purpose!

Help students discover and fulfill their calling in Christ through #internships.

"It's my passion to help you change lives by hiring interns for a higher purpose!"

Ray Strickland, Co-Founder

Did you know?

Along with internships you can post part-time, full-time

and contract work at copassionjobs.org.

The Plan


It all begins with prayer and having the right heart for hiring emering talent for a to discover and fulfill their calling in Jesus Christ.


Increase company productivity by identifying the right kind of work and how to attract the right talent with your team through internships and job postings.


Utilize best hiring practices such as predictive hiring and ideal candidate profiles with the Five Attributes.

We will show you how to access over

1.2 million college student resumes.

Develop Leaders

Hire emerging talent for a higher purpose.

Wayne Mangum

President McVeigh & Mangum

"I share CoPassion’s desire to help to develop and launch into the work force Christ-centered professionals who have built their foundation on Biblical principles."

Teresa Myers

"Why not see how big God can build this! Why not you?"

Brad Howald

"I am pleased to partner with CoPassion as they strive to develop servant-leaders who bring “Christ and His values” into their careers."

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