Make a difference in a college student's life by giving them the opportunity to use their God given gifts to grow your business!

Value-Centered Interns


In partnership with your company we develop students through mentoring and internships into Christ-centered leaders. As part of our ministry we will connect you to value-centered volunteers, interns, part-time, temp and full-time talent.

Legal Liability & Non Discrimination

Becase every college student is eligible to apply for mentoring and internships through CoPassion there is no legal liability. We never discrminate based on a students' religion, race, gender or sexual orientation.


Students are encouraged to complete healthy hurdles before being referred for an internship. Including signing up, posting a reviewed resume, submitting references, mentoring and a face to face meeting with a CoPassion field staff or participating student. We encourage the candidate to go through normal hiring practices and all applicable laws.

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