Give every college student the opportunity to experience Christ.

Launch the only App that introduces students to Christ through meaningful internships in Christ-centered commmunity. 

✓ Share Christ with every student through internships

✓ Show the next generation that God actually loves them

✓ Help students discover and fulfill their calling in Christ


Some are saying "it's like faith-driven LinkedIn for college students."





Most Students Face a Christless College Experience: That's Because:

  • Only about 450,000 of 22,000,000 students have access to Christ-centered curriculum and community
  • 30% have never heard the gospel
  • Most students are separated from spiritually healthy people in their field of study
  • Often students do not have the practical knowledge to navigate the complexities of college


  • Anxiety and addictions are at an all time high
  • Calling and purpose are at an all time low
  • Students are now the loneliness generation in America




At CoPassion, we show and share the love of Christ so that every student can discover and fulfill their calling in Christian community.


What Your Gift Gives

  • A gospel invitation with every internship
  • Every student atttending public university to have access to Christ-centered content, curriculum and community
  • Every private Christian college the opportunity to leverage the app's functionality and nationwide network
  • A safe place for Christian professors to engage students free from censorship and bullying
  • Surrounding students with spiritually healthy people in their field of study.
  • A caring community to support students facing anxiety and addictions
  • Community and courses to help students discover and fulfill their calling and purpose.

Levels of Giving Examples


Two ways you can launch the CoPassion App.


Most apps never get off the ground because they do not have the funding and adoption necessary.



From Genesis 12 we see God blesses his people so that they can be a blessing. Most students face a Christless college experience but now through the CoPassion App every college student can actually know God loves them and has a wonderful plan for their life.


As you Pay it Forward and Invite like-minded connections may God bless you!