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Change the world one student ambassador at time.

Spring 2021 Candidates

James Marshall

Exercise Science Major

12 week internship is only $2,400. Includes payroll, benefits, materials, supplies and two retreats. Tax deductible charitable donation.

Karina Rodriguez

Psychology and Criminal Justice

"I am excited to get a more one on one experience and strengthen my discipleship abilities this semester so I will be able to use what I learned to deciple others."

Mark Lightner

Marketing Major

12 week internship is only $2,400. Includes payroll, benefits, materials, supplies and two retreats. Tax deductible charitable donation.

Caroline Nickas

Music Major

"The thing I look forward to the most in my internship is the opportunity to not only grow in my calling, but learning to better pursue it in a way that glorifies God."


How are the ambassadorship funds used?


The full $2,400 cost of the internship is broken down as follows:


$1,200 untaxed amount of intern pay

$248.20 materials, supplies and subscriptions for intern

$91.80 7.65% SECA to the Federal Government

15% admin overhead, payroll, staff services and work comp

$325 for student intern weekend retreats and workshops

$175 Staff ministry expense

Student Intern Stories


Healthcare Administratin Major

"I have learned more about the gospel in this year than the last four years of my Christian walk."


Sociology Major

"I grew a deeper passion to reach students with the gospel and love of Christ."


Business Management Major

"The Student Internship changed my life and the lives of other students at my school."


Scholarship Intern Fund



What Does A Scholarship Accomplish for the Intern?



Completion of the "Life on Purpose Pathway"

Interns will discover and fulfill their calling in Christ

Connects interns to spiritually healthy people in their field of study

Interns will learn they don't have to forget their faith to pursue their passion

Interns will connect with other interns for encouragement and accountability



Spriritual Growth

Interns will learn how to abide in Christ as their primary spriritual discipline

Interns will complete world class materials to equip their spiritual walk

Interns will learn how to connect their faith to their field of study

Interns will learn how to worship God through their work



Professional Development


Career guidance from CoPassion staff

Complete personality assessments

Complete tasks and assingments

Personal Formations Workbook

Internship preparation and placement

Join campus club specific to field of study

Completing resume and practice interviews

Mentoring principles and opportunities

Mentorship with mentoring guidebook



Campus Outreach


Interns will live out a prayer/dare/care/share lifestyle

Interns will develop a plan to reach their circle

Interns will learn how to share their faith with confidence

Interns will follow up with new believers for discipleship

Interns will initiate meetings with students to share the gospel

Interns will develop a plan for ministry that is 100% transferable to their future work