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Enhanced Internship

Duration: 12 weeks

Typically 10-12 hrs. per week


Co-op program with our partners

Get matched to meaningful internships

Grow spiritually and professionally

Meet new friends and fellowship



Real experience

Earn a paycheck

Intern with trusted partners

Often qualifies for school credit

Apprenticeship Journey

Duration: 12 weeks

Typically 4-6 hrs. per week


12 Week Journey with others

Grow spiritually and professionally

Discover your unique calling

Develop 90 day plans to fulfill calling




Sponsors and Scholarship available

Experience deeper community

Leave a legacy

Traditional Internship

Duration: Custom

Typically 10-24 hrs. per week

Paid and Unpaid

Available for every student

Designed for college students

Save time with powerful filters

Search anywhere in the U.S.



Partners are pre-qualified

You can highlight your resume

Lots of free resources

Often qualifies for school credit