Experience Meaningful Internships in Community

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Internship Options We Offer

Enhanced Internship

Duration: 12 weeks

Typically 10-12 hrs. per week


Co-op program with our partners

Get matched to meaningful internships

Meet new friends and deeper community

Grow spiritually, professionally & missionally



Real world experience

Build your resume and skills

Earn a viable paycheck

Intern with trusted partners

Often qualifies for school credit

The Apprenticeship

Duration: 12 weeks

Typically 4-6 hrs. per week


12 Week Journey with others

Grow deeper in your walk with Christ

Name and know your unique calling

Share your faith with confidence

Make disciples



Claritfy your calling

Experience deeper community

Share your faith with confidence

Connect faith & work for a lifetime

Traditional Internship

Duration: Custom

Typically 10-24 hrs. per week

Paid and Unpaid

Available for every student

Designed for college students

Save time with powerful filters

Search anywhere in the U.S.




Partners are pre-qualified

You can highlight your resume

Lots of free resources

Often qualifies for school credit