Become A Campus Ambassador

Applications are now open.

What does a Campus Ambassador do?

 Grow > Discover > Invite

Grow spiritually, discover your unique calling and invite students to Christ.

What is the Campus Ambassador?

Have a question? Message staff.

Helping others discover their calling in Christ.

The campus ambassador serves during a semester-based 12 week experience.

Ambassadors are paid a stipend of $80 a week with potential increases.

Applications are now open.

Intern Stories


Healthcare Administration

"I have learned more about the gospel in this year than the last four years of my Christian walk."


Sociology Major

"I grew a deeper passion to reach students with the gospel and love of Christ."


Business Major

"Being an ambassador changed my life and the lives of other students at my school."

What does it cost CoPassion?


Student Ambassdor Internships cost $1,959 per semester.


Scholarships and supporters fund your internship.



How much do I earn?


$80 per week for 12 weeks.


Bonus Opportunities:

$90 per week after 50 unique app sign ups

$100 per week after 75 unique app sign ups

$250 for books with 100 unique app sign ups



How long does it last?


12 weeks during fall or spring semesters.



What is the commitment?

4-6 hours per week

2-3 hours a week on social media and publicity

1-2 hours a week on assignments

1 hour a week for virtual meeting




What are the requirements?


30 app sign ups over the semester

300 flyers passed out = 25 per week on average

1 repost from CoPassion Instagram page per week

Make 6 total announcements in classes, clubs or churches over the semester

(These minimums are required to be eligible for a second semester)


What are scholarships?


Scholarships are a smart and accountable way to raise funds.


Scholarships are the primary way student interns fund their internship. We send out requests for scholarships with our network and you can send out to your network as necessary. CoPassion is a not for profit campus ministry and does not have central funding to cover costs for the internship. Summer mission trips require similar fundraising.


Check out our scholarship page.



What are some of the additional benefits?


 Discover your unique calling

Make new friends in ministry together

Attend CoPassion retreats and workshops free of charge

Make helpful connections and find meaningful internships to launch your career

Learn new skills that makes you more hireable


Have a question? Message staff.

Weekly Meetings and Gatherings

Campus Ambassadors meet weekly in a group with other ambassadors for growth and accountability.

What are you waiting for?

What Happens When I Get Accepted?

You will attend Welcome Weekend.


What is Welcome Weekend?


A retreat to meet staff, your fellow interns and everything you need to know,

to make the internship awesome!




When is Welcome Weekend?


Typically December and July before each semester




What is the schedule?



Friday evening gathering, worship and fun

Saturday morning breakfast and review internship handbook

 Saturday Lunch & Free time

Saturday afternoon paperwork and funding

Sunday morning worship and send off



What does it cost?


$0 it's included in your internship.