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CoPassion is for every college student and recent grad. Simply download the app using a preferred email or login.

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Most Professional Networking Apps Are Disappointing. That's Because:


  • You don't know who you can trust
  • Experience is more important than your potential
  • You feel like you have to sell out your faith to pursue your career
  • Most jobs have unrealistic requirements for college students
  • You want to keep growing spiritually along the way

At CoPassion we created a faith-driven network just for college students so they can discover their passion and be who God created them to be.

What You Get

Faith-driven community of students, connectors and internship hiring partners.


Virtually all internships available in one place.


Tips and training to make your resume stand out and land an interview. 


Interview tips so you can present yourself in a way that gets an offer.


The opportunity for an Enhanced Internship where you have access to even more resources. 


The opportunity to join or create local groups on your campus.


Ongoing access to new courses created regularly to help you in your internship.

It's Free. Seriously.

We love you, we think God loves you, and we just love helping college students get the most value and meaning out of their college experience.

Why You Should Start Treating Your Resume Like Your Instagram. 



Most students think a resume is a magic spell you have to cast to get attention, but it’s really not that complicated. 


If you start thinking about your resume like you do your instagram profile, you’re going to stand out every time. 


Here’s how...



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