Launching a Christ-centered career through group mentoring. Application opens in April 2017.

Christ-centered Group Mentoring

CoPassion's Catalyst is a group mentoring program over a 7 month period, that is intensely practical, life forming, centered on integrating Jesus, Work and Money. It's perfect for the recent graduate or inexperienced employee to take the next step in becoming a Christ-centered leader in northeast Florida.



Work As Worship Trailer




  • Meets one Saturday a month for seven months.
  • Begins in October and goes through April. Our first meeting is a Friday / Saturday retreat.
  • Cost is only $179 (one time or $30 over seven months) and does not include the overnight retreat or book expenses. 
  • Does include food and materials over the seven months.



We will help participants discover or deepen their life's calling and remove the mystery of "success". We will help participants design a personal career development plan that works at home, at work and for the benefit of the churchWe help connect you with a mentor who is a leader in their industry, who will help you grow professionally and spiritually. We will go through a variety of best-selling books like Every Good Endeavor to discuss with your mentor outside of our Saturday morning.


We leverage best-in-class content from Work As WorshipCompass Financial and LifeThrive's Personal Formation workbook that was tested in Cambridge and provides the world's first empirical data proving an improvement in life by applying the material. In addition, we utilize a CEO round-table model to develop critical thinking and decision-making, as well as introduce MBA level content.






  • Our 1/2 day, monthly sessions begin in October and end in April. Participants experience clear teaching integrating Jesus, Work and Money that can be found no where else.
  • Benefit from being connected to and mentored by a community leader in the participants field of study.




  • A biblical kick-start to their career!
  • Clarity of their life's calling and how to fulfill it.
  • A clear definition of success and avoid losing your soul in the process.
  • A ministry plan to reach their workplace effectively and positively impact their company culture for Jesus Christ. 
  • A personal career development plan that balances life and work roles.
  • A financial plan to accomplish their life's calling.
  • Significant relationships and connections that enrich their personal and professional lives.



  • Employees that care about their work and their co-workers.
  • Employee who learn their company mission and how to fulfill it.
  • Employees mentored by community leaders in their field.
  • Employee who know how to think critically and make wise decisions.
  • Employee who know how to manage their finances.
  • Employees with emotional intelligence.
  • Employees who know how to listen and ask questions.
  • Employees who know how God made them and embrace who they are. (higher productivity)
  • Employees who grow their network and share it.
  • Young employees who have a greater community presence and influence