CoHort consists of growing young career professionals (typically ages 25-40) who believe God owns their careers therefore are committed to building great careers to the glory of God.




Group size is typically 12 career professionals from diverse industries with a passion to glorify God in their careers. Our desire is to have a group available every weekday morning or evening. What makes us different from traditional small groups is our focus on building a great career and ministry effectiveness in the workplace.




Each week we have a devotion focused on adoring and treasuring Jesus and brief time of prayer. The first three weeks of the month focus on 1) ministry to your workplace, 2) career development and 3) stewarding finances. The fourth week is our monthly book review and either a time of celebration for what God has accomplished that month, career plan presentation, and/or open house to friends.


Each week we provide unique elements of spiritual growth and accountability that are rarely found in the body of Christ.

  • Action Items - what God is leading you to do during the meeting
  • Wise Counsel - issues for group discussion; (scripturally sound and Spirit-filled advice)
  • Mission Map - a simple plan and accountability for reaching co-workers, customers and supplies at work
  • Evangelism Training - sharpening your ability to communicate your faith in the context of work environments
  • Prayer Requests - track and maintain an ongoing list of prayer requests and God's provision
  • Workplace KPIs (key performance indicators) and PMIs (personal ministry indicators)
  • Book Reading and Integration - best-selling books and summaries to apply immediately to your life
  • Personal Plan for Ministry, Career & Finances - much like a business plan but for your career including ministry




Our curriculum is developed and distributed over a four year period including, case studies, CoPassion written materials, ministry partnership material and overview of a best-selling book each month covering ministry, career development and finances.


*Business owners with revenues over $100,000 and career professionals over the age of 40 are referred to other local Christ-centered groups who can better serve those needs.



Thursday Evening

Ray Strickland, Leader

Ray is the co-founder of CoPassion and excited to help you become a Christ-centered leader the world needs and companies want most.

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