A college ministry helping you grow spiritually and professionally.

Live with God, Fulfill Your Purpose and Grow In Community

Live with God and Experience His Love.

Discern Your Calling and Fulfill Your Purpose.

Grow In Community and Share God's Love.

Do You Struggle With Putting It All together?


Is staying close to God difficult at times?

Are you unsure about your major, passions or what you are good at?

Do you need a plan for getting a great job after college?

Is ministry important to you but you are not called to be a missionary or a pastor?


"We believe you can change the world by by growing spiritually and professionally."

Ray and Melissa Strickland

The Plan to Help Students Grow.


Invite students to Christ and to his mission through outreach and equipping students to share their faith.


Invest in students through weekly meetings, growth groups, discipleship, retreats and leadership development.


Integrate students into the marketplace through mentors, internshipscompanies and churches.

Campus Ministries We Serve

CoPassion is a community passionate about integrating faith and work.