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The world is broken and can only be mended as you fulfill your calling in Christ.  Our network provides the connections, internships and skills you need.

"We know it's not easy to pursue your passion without forgetting your faith. That's why CoPassion connects you to meaningful internships in Christian community."

Ray and Melissa Strickland

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Intern Stories

Mary H.

Accounting Major

"I'm an accounting major, and CoPassion found the perfect internship for me. I uploaded my resume to the CoPassion website, and someone quickly followed up. CoPassion connected me to a great company (Maple Street Biscuit Co.) and offered helpful resources and one on one coaching. Because of CoPassion, I just started an amazing internship that is the perfect fit for my schedule and career path!"

Tayler J.

Marketing Major

"CoPassion has helped me find the perfect internship. I'm so blessed to be at McVeigh & Mangum Engineering Inc. I work closely with amazing people everyday and have learned a lot from them along the way."

Alexis F.

Sociology Major

"God used CoPassion in providing a caring and compassionate community of Christians throughout my studies at UNF. Because of CoPassion I was able to start my first job and get experience in the workforce that was needed to build my career."


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CoPassion is a movement for all college students to discover and fulfill their calling in Christ.