We are a campus ministry partnering with the Church to help college students grow spiritually and professionally.

Grow in groups, thrive with mentors and develop through internships.

Students can be the future spiritual leaders

of the world with your help.

"We believe you can change the world by integrating faith and work."

Ray and Melissa Strickland

How We Help Students Grow Spiritually and Professionally.


Invite students to Christ and to his mission through outreach and equipping students to share their faith.


Invest in students through weekly meetings, growth groups, discipleship, retreats and leadership development.


Integrate students into the marketplace through mentors, internshipscompanies and churches.

Campus Ministries We Serve

CoPassion is a community passionate about integrating faith and work.

CoPassion, Inc

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Jacksonville, FL 32246


Phone 904-323-0937

Email Ray@copassion.org