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What's my purpose and how can I know God personally?

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Can I know my purpose? How did God make me unique? Explore you!

Internships to Fulfill Your Calling   

Where do I search for internships that are right for me? Find Internships that fit.

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  • Make sure you're in the right major
  • Reduce anxiety, worry and stress
  • Share your faith with confidence
  • Grow in your relationship with God
  • Align your passion with your purpose
  • Navigate college with a plan to succeed
  • Fulfill the great commission through work
  • Learn how your faith and major harmonize
  • Make disciples regardless of your occupation
  • Connect with spiritually mature people 

"You can change the world by fulfilling your calling in Jesus Christ."

Ray and Melissa Strickland

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Intern Stories


Healthcare Administration

"I have learned more about the gospel in this year than the last four years of my Christian walk."


Sociology Major

"I grew a deeper passion to reach students with the gospel and love of Christ."


Business Major and Ministry Intern

"The Student Internship changed my life and the lives of other students at my school."

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