Enhance your internship so you grow in Christ exponentially.

Journeys begin every fall, spring and summer.

Find or Enhance the Perfect Internship

Develop and Deepen Your Calling

Grow Closer with God and with Others

Don't Intern Alone

We are the new faith-driven way to do internships in community with other young adults so you can grow closer with God, go deeper in your calling, and gain more confidence living out your faith.


Develop and deepen your calling in Christ while getting a professional internship in community.



Benefits of the Journey

Grow Closer with God

We help you go deeper in your walk with God so that you have an intimate, virbrant relationship with God as you navigate new challenges during your internship.

Go deeper in your calling

We use life changing tools that will fuel your world changing pursue. We work through your story, passions, and abilities so that you can clearly name, know and communicate your calling and keep it all in one notebook.

Gain more confidence sharing

We teach you how to show and share the love of Jesus in your new work context. We encourage, equip, and empower you to better communicate your faith with confidence utilizing new and exciting tools.

Get the most out of your internship

We help you find the perfect internship to launch your career. We help you work through the many challenges you will face during your internship in community and through 1 on 1 coaching.

Real Intern Stories

Mary H.

Accounting Major

"I'm an accounting major, and CoPassion found the perfect internship for me. I uploaded my resume to the CoPassion website, and someone quickly followed up. CoPassion connected me to a great company (Maple Street Biscuit Co.) and offered helpful resources and one on one coaching."

Tayler J.

Marketing Major

"CoPassion has helped me find the perfect internship. I'm so blessed to be at McVeigh & Mangum Engineering Inc. I work closely with amazing people everyday and have learned a lot from them along the way."

Alexis F.

Sociology Major

"God used CoPassion in providing a caring and compassionate community of Christians throughout my studies at UNF. Because of CoPassion I was able to start my first job and get experience in the workforce that was needed to build my career."


Real Internship Partner Examples

Typical majors include accounting, finance, marketing, engineering, communications, computer, software, technology and many more!



HelpDesk/Software Specialist Intern

At Advantage Design Group®, our team customizes online student orientations providing virtual onboarding experiences for millions of students at colleges and universities everywhere.

Ecommerce Management Intern

Beacon Fisheries is a rapidly expanding company is an importer and wholesale distributor of fresh and frozen seafood. 

Accounting Intern

Petticoat-Schmitt is a Civil contractor that builds life changing infrastructure. Our purpose is to enhance the lives of our team members and communities we serve.

Marketing Internship

PHOS is seeking energetic and enthusiastic marketing interns who will assist our marketing team with the strategy and execution of services for inbound marketing clients. 

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