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Make sure your in the right major


Grow in your relationship with God


Know how your passion will pay the bills


Navigate college with a plan to succeed with less anxiety


Understand how your faith and field of study grow together


Find internships that will kickstart your career


Connect with spiritually healthy people that will help you thrive


Share your faith with confidence

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"You can change the world by fulfilling your calling in Jesus Christ."

Ray and Melissa Strickland

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Intern Stories


Healthcare Administration

"I have learned more about the gospel in this year than the last four years of my Christian walk."


Sociology Major

"I grew a deeper passion to reach students with the gospel and love of Christ."


Business Major and Ministry Intern

"The Student Internship changed my life and the lives of other students at my school."

What does the internship cost CoPassion?


Internships cost $2,400 per semester.


Scholarships available for semester 1 interns

Sponsorships available for semesters 2, 3 and 4



How much do I earn?


$10 an hour / 10 hrs. per week

W-2 employee.

Hourly rate increases each semester.


What are sponsorships?


Sponsorships are a smart and accountable way to raise funds.


Sponsorships are the primary way student interns fund their internship. CoPassion is a not for profit campus ministry and we do not have central funding to cover costs for the internship. Summer mission trips require similar fundraising.


Check out our sponsorship page.



How are the funds used?


The full $2,400 is broken down as follows:


$1,200 untaxed amount of internships pay

$248.20 materials, supplies and subscriptions for intern

$91.80 7.65% SECA to the Federal Government

15% admin overhead, payroll, staff services and work comp

$325 Intern retreats and training

$175 Staff ministry expense


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