Change the world with us!

Join the movement for all college students to discover and fulfill their calling in Christ.

Student Intern

Apply for our Student Internship. 10 hours a week at $10-12 an hour we help you grow spiritually and professionally.

Ministry Intern

Intern with CoPassion after graduation to continue your journey into Christ-centered leadership and prepare to be a spiritual leader in all of life's endeavors.

Campus Field Staff

Join staff in a part-time or full-time capacity to invite, invest and integrate college students to be Christ-centered world changers in the marketplace.

Intransition Field Staff

The Intransition Field Staff has three years of workplace experience coupled with appropriate ministry experience. Intransition Field Staff focus on a few employers to hire emerging talent and provide spiritual mentoring for new hires in transition. They bridge the gap between college and career by helping recent graduates transition to life and ministry in their new role at work. 

Campus Team Leader

The Campus Team Leader is responsible for ministry leadership, oversight and team development of the CoPassion movement within the metropolitan city God calls the CTL.

Workplace Field Staff

The Workplace Field Staff's primary role is to recruit and develop Christian young professionals (typically 25-40) into Christ-centered leaders. They do this by building groups and facilitate weekly meetings with a focus on spiritual growth, professional development and ministry in the workplace.